The Original Flip Flap Company has launched!

Flip Flap

Poof…and Flip Flap is born!

Flip Flap is a patent pending, silicone backstrap that keeps your flip-flops on for outdoor activities!

She is perfect for camping, hiking, biking, boating, almost anything a shoe can do! She fits any size foot, any style flip-flop and alternatively can be worn as a bracelet, anklet, choker, or belt.

Flip Flap can also be made in any color and advertise any logo, message or design for companies wishing to add a unique item to their marketing catalogue.

She is sexy! She is singular! She comes in a box of 2 pair. 1 to wear/1 to share. Experience her with a friend!

Flip Flap

Nothing on Earth does what Flip Flap does!

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My Story:

It all began with a desire to find backstraps for my favorite flip-flops. After days and weeks searching for such an item I was at a loss. Then one day in late spring of 2018, a friend and I went to an amusement park. She didn’t like roller coasters, I on the other hand went straight to the first one I could find while she went to a bench near the exit to wait for me. As I approached the front of the line, I noticed all the flip-flops and slides kicked off to the side of the ride and made a mental note before getting in and strapping up.

When I exited the ride, my friend was walking toward me with an odd look on her face. Excitedly, she said a flip-flop had come flying through the air (FROM MY RIDE), and almost hit her in the head.  That was it, there was unquestionably a need, so I set off to solve a problem that billions of people experience every day; a need to secure flip-flops in all situations. But it needed to be soft, secure, comfortable, and fit everyone.

I bought a 3D printer and began making plastic molds into which I poured liquid silicone. I made iteration after iteration and a little over 3 years later and six months of blending different silicones to find just the right one…Flip Flap was born. Little did I know that it would be the start of a burgeoning footwear company.

After months of testing and receiving feedback from customers and friends, I realized that I had made a product that everyone loved but only worked well with flip-flops, not slides (it works but doesn’t look as good on slides). So, to correct that issue I am now working on a design for a singular flip-flop that can also become a slide and will fit the bottom of your foot and arch exactly employing several patentable technologies.

Soon the product line will increase to include a half-sized, Baby Flap and individually sized, hemp, tabi socks designing specifically for the flip-flop enthusiast.

Flip Flap

The Original Flip Flap Company is driven by quality and a concern for the environment. No plastics are used in the manufacture or packaging of our products. Although platinum-cured silicone can technically last forever, it does not break down into micro-particles that devastate marine life worldwide, while our high-quality hemp bags are perfect for repurposing. Everything we build here, we use here, so you can be assured that quality is first in mind. We guarantee that with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

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Cofounders wanted.

You are going to love her!