Do You Have a Unique App Idea? Here’s How To Make Money From It

Do You Have a Unique App Idea? Here’s How To Make Money From It

Some of the world’s greatest wonders have been the result of someone asking the question: what if? It’s not uncommon for people to have little what-if ideas throughout their days, especially when faced with a minor or major problem that could be aided by new technology, tool, product, or service. Given how many people have smartphones in their pockets or purses, these new developments can often reach massive amounts of people if they’re presented to the public in application format. What’s more than this, the people who have solved very real problems for others with these apps can often make a nice chunk of change in the process. With that in mind, the following will explore a few tips and steps you might want to take to make money from your app idea.

Market Research And Differentiation

Before you even begin building your app, you need to study the current market to see what comparable applications are available for people. If you cannot immediately answer how your app idea is different or better than the top 30 similar applications, you need to go back to the drawing board. Yes, sometimes applications disturb already existing competitors, but most of the time, people stick with what they know, and this means entering into a niche or solving a need where there’s lots of competition almost always results in an underwhelming response. If your app idea isn’t that different from other apps that already exist, find a way to differentiate it. Look at the negative reviews for apps in the same niche and see what problems exist that people would like solved.

Get Your Pitch Straight

Building a successful application involves pitching your product or service to a ton of people. Right from the very beginning, you need a solid elevator pitch. This means you need a one or two-sentence breakdown of what your application is and why people should care. You can start with this format: [app name] is an app that helps [your target market] [what it helps them do] by [how it helps them]. You and anyone else on your team need to have your elevator pitch practiced and polished so that the moment opportunity strikes, you’re ready to present potential investors, customers, or team members on the project.

Find The Right App Developer

While some people with app ideas are brilliant coders with a sense of application development, most are not. If you’re not, you need to find the right person or team or persons to help you build the app. A mobile app development company in Dubai emphasizes that you’re looking for people who understand user experience, brand guidelines, typography, wireframing, prototyping, and user interface development, as well as teams that have aesthetic sensibilities that suit your brand.

Do You Have a Unique App Idea? Here’s How To Make Money From It

Schedule Your Time With Balance In Mind

The world of application development is intense, to say the least. Yes, there are people who are coding for 16 hours each day, who eat prepackaged meals designed to save them the time of cooking and devote all their non-work time to thinking about work, but what they don’t tell you is that this kind of hustle culture produces brutal burnout. If you try to go this hard without scheduling rest, play, exercise, time in nature, and leisure time, you will eventually crack. Since most application projects take far longer than first expected (often years) to get off the ground and running, you need to be able to work on this project for an extended period of time.

Beta Test

Have people try your app for free and give you notes. Apply those notes and have people test the app again (some of the original testers plus some fresh eyes). Repeat this process until you have new testers raving about the app. High quality creates brand loyalty and long-term sales.

Get Marketing

Bring a graphic designer onboard as well as a content marketer and build your email list starting from day one. An audience takes time to develop, and that’s okay; it’s actually a good sign. If your user base is quick to flit from thing to thing, you’re going to have a much harder time keeping them using your app. If it takes time to get them interested in the product, it probably will also take time to get them disinterested in your product.

The above information should have outlined the key components involved in app development if you want to create an app that makes money. You will find that application development can be costly upfront if you’re not careful. Be sure to protect yourself financially if investing your own money and focus on finding quality investors to help you fill in financial gaps you might have. Be extremely wary of taking on debt or overpromising to investors as the application industry is notoriously volatile.