Does Your Startup Story Resonate?


In these times of global recession, austere measures, and harsh realities, start-ups are struggling to develop their companies. Start-ups are also struggling to tell their stories and present  fund-attracting pitches that can put them ahead.

In this background of uncertainty, VSC is supporting storytelling advice, and public relations assistance to access equity in start-ups.

Since October 2021, VSC ventures was launched with a budgeted $7 million to support start-ups. Prior to VSCs grand entry, the firm assisted over 600 VC backed start-ups guiding them through 20 unicorns, four IPOs and 53 exits.

VSC has now shut what is left of its debut fund by increasing it by $14 million more. Accumulating $21 million as opposed to it’s original projection of $20 million, the firm is not doing badly at all.

The public relations firm was created under the leadership of Vijay Chattha, the CEO, and Jay Kapoor, a general partner. Other partners include Eric Gonzalez, Gwyn Stahlhut, Anne Sophie Hurst, Maggie Philbun, Martq Bulaich, and Archie Chattha.

The targeted  start-up for this funds remains the same in terms of VSC Venture’s guiding philosophy of supporting start-ups providing solutions for the future of wellness, work, and climate. 11 companies have benefited from this investment drive including Propel; a company creating software tools for PR teams to understand impact and discover influential people to tell stories, the web development play, and Neuralight, a company which enhances drug development using AI.

VSCs investment model remains the same regardless of the variance of the landscapes in which it is operating. The standard is to create genuine relationships with startup founders. This relationship will in turn guarantee align incentives that will guide these companies through sound business decisions.

Finding Venture Capitalists who have work experience with companies that have a grasp of the founder market fit, and the diligence checklist is not easy. Especially when such experience is crowned with expert knowledge of storytelling and narrative building for generating awareness. VCs rarely evolve from such systems.

The following VCs are clearly part of the exceptionally rare breed of VCs. Alexia Bonatsos, (former co-editor in chief of TechCrunch), is the founder of the venture firm Dream Machine. Josh Constine, (former editor-at-large of TechCrunch) is a partner at Signalfire. Danny Crichton is the editorial head at Lux. To crown  it all Harry Stebbings, the famous podcaster behind “20 minute VC,” recently raised $140 million for his venture capital fund launched off of his show’s success.

Some of the investors involved in VSCs latest push include some general partners at early stage funds and companies like Discord, Poshmark, Coinbase, JioSaavn, Osmo, Liftoff, Lyft, Tinder, Group Nine, and Krux. As much as VSC has revealed most of the limited  partners are former founders and clients who have had around five years of blossoming business relationship with VSC. Almost like they became limited partners after receiving financially beneficial assistance from VSC.

If the VSC reaches deeper and pulls in more believers in the universe of start-ups, founders will hopefully pull off from party round investors in favour of the more actively present investors. The party type of investors are the obtainable reality presently but the truth is that when push comes to shoves and companies seek for investors to step up, these party routers cannot be relied on.

Nothing beats finding a reliable investor who is committed to  the cause of your company. Such investors are so aligned with company goals that they are in for the long game. It pays to have such investors on the frontlines. Investors, employees, angel investors, and advisers who have experienced downturns in business have a grasp of the directions to face in most expected situations. Founders should make such experienced personalities their company’s priority.