Product Management Simplified?

Product Management

Funds will improve staff capacity in the business, engineering and product department, while facilitating’s expansion drive through Europe and North America. has secured $1.6 million from certain angel investors, and its pre existing investors including SFO, BEENEXT, and Paradigm Shift Capital. This Pre Series A fund will help the product management company improve staff capacity in the business, engineering, and product department, while facilitating its expansion drive through Europe and North America.

The sureapp has expressed its excitement about being equipped to simplify product management. The company has always harped on its determination to broaden the scope, and opportunities of innovations regarding product management.

This announcement is now an opportunity for to speedily implement its growth plans as well as adopt new strategies. It will also fast-track the company’s scaling aspirations to the next level. founder Prashant Mahajan while expressing gratitude to investors reiterated the company’s intention of  “redefining,  and simplifying product management”.

Prashant Mahajan, and Vaibhav Devpura founded in 2021 to help product managers design quality products, and make the art & science of product management simpler, and smarter. is poised to foster simplicity in product management. It aims to eliminate the drudgery, and complexities associated with it. The company boasts of a global coverage with customers in India, North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The company is currently live globally.

The start-up runs an interactive community of more than 6000 product managers from where feedback, and suggestions are generated to design relevant finished products for the global community.’s interactive community has been an early part of the company’s improvement drive from when it started. This community’s opinion has been instrumental to the start-ups refinement and innovation in product design. Through gathering a compendium of opinions, and suggestions from the global product management community, has been able to come up with a distinctive, and globally relatable product. Some of the company’s partners Hero Choudhary of BEENEXT have expressed excitement about the recent development, and the hope of accomplishing more.

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