Regis Wiegand, Managing Partner, K.C. Innovations LLC, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Regis Wiegand and K.C. Innovations LLC:

    Kitty Cure is a peel and stick abrasive litter box liner that reduces cat claw sharpness. When the cat covers there litter, their claws swipe against the liner and files there claws down.

    Kitty Cure is long lasting, washable and easy solution to let your cat file there own claws! Check us out at for more information!

    K.C. Innovations LLC provides a safe and humane alternative to maintain proper cat claw health and sharpness
    Family owned and operated.

    A Long-lasting, Safe, Washable, Peel & Stick Liner That Helps Reduce Your Feline’s Claw Sharpness

    Works on the Cat’s Natural Instinct to Scratch Its Litter Box

    Helps Reduce Furniture Damage and Minimizes Personal injury

    Upgrades and Customizes Your existing Litter Box in Minutes

    Long-Lasting, Washable, Removable, and Effective

    Makes Your Cat More User-Friendly

    For Cats of All Ages