Payment Technology Still Hot As Priority Technology Integrates With Valor PayTech

    Valor PayTech

    Priority Technology Holdings the payments technology firm announced it has integrated its MX Merchant ecosystem with Valor PayTech. This collaboration is in furtherance of the omnichannel solutions by the two companies.

    Priority’s Vice President of Product Strategy John Grebe in his statement released in October 13 celebrated this announcement by emphasizing how refreshing the collaboration with Valor has been. “They’re not just focused on their technology; they’ve been instrumental in helping us solve pressing business problems.” Grebe reiterated.

    Operating from Georgia, the Priority platform allows companies gather, store and send money while operating at scale.
    Valor on the other hand offers cloud-based, end to end, processor-agnostic omnichannel payments answers for both resellers and partnering merchant customers.

    The recent partnership between these two companies is an avenue to forge “extensive roadmap for third-party software integrations.”

    The Valor Connect cloud-based integration requires almost little or no effort for independent software vendors and their customers to include Valor payment terminals.

    Eric Bernstein, the Chief Operating Officer of Valor praised the effects of the collaboration. In his words “Significant synergies between the two companies have already resulted in the development of incredibly creative solutions that give Priority resellers more opportunity to close more sales and earn substantially more.”

    Priority’s announcement is coming just a little over a week since the firm unveiled its partnership with PAX Technology which provides payment products globally. Priority and PAX Technology begun their collaboration much earlier and their most recent dealing is just in furtherance of their past partnerships where PAX developed, customized and certified their VTX payment app to allow end users, which includes Priority clients, to use the complete line of PAX’s Android products.

    The new Chief financial officer of Priority, Tim O’Leary talked about the potential growth opportunities accessible in the industry while noting that the bulk of B2B payments were still paper transactions. He therefore underscored why at this stage leveraging the market share and possessing the right technology to accommodate the emerging transition is crucial. In the words of O’Leary: “ I view that as a big, continued growth opportunity for not only Priority, but for the industry.”

    He identified inertia as the most pronounced impediment to payment automation. Apparently people struggle to adjust their systems after maintaining the same routine for years. He noted that “as people change, those activities may change as well,”.

    A summary of the implication is “ as companies transition workforces, you may see continued acceleration of that move to electronic payments.”

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