The Complicated Cases Of Uber Accidents

Uber Accident

Ride-hailing and ride-sharing apps have become an important necessity in today’s world. Many people in the United States use Uber & Lyft to travel distances. However, these ride-hailing services can cause potential problems for passengers in the event of car crashes. Accidents involving Uber or Lyft vehicles often result in higher personal injury compensation amounts. So, what happens if you are involved in an Uber crash? If Uber’s insurance coverage covers your claim, the accident payout of Uber could be higher than a settlement in a normal vehicle crash case.

Let’s answer a few questions related to the complex cases of Uber accidents.

If you are a driver of another vehicle 

What happens if you have an accident with Uber?

What happens if Uber is involved in an accident? Uber’s liability position depends on various factors. Additionally, the settlement amount you can expect when involved in an Uber crash also depends on your insurance coverage.

Here are a few regulations.

* It is Uber’s responsibility to pay you the liability insurance amount, which is as follows:

* Up to $50,000 for every person involved in the accident

* Up to $100,000 per accident, and

* Up to $25,000 for property damage.

In many cases, liability coverage may also increase to $1,000,000, along with certain other benefits. You have all the right to sue the Uber driver at fault if he caused the accident. However, many of these drivers may have minimal insurance coverage, which can be as low as $25,000 per person. This scenario can be tough to handle on your own, and it’s always best to hire an Uber accident lawyer to help you seek compensation, which is worth your suffering.

What should I do if I am involved in an Uber accident?

If you were injured in an Uber accident, we recommend you to immediately take the following actions.

Dial 911 And Call The Police.

You may miss out on getting the most compensation from Uber if you fail to report the accident. It is important to call the police and give them the details about the accident. The police officers prepare a detailed report that will form the basis of a lawsuit and be used while communicating with the insurers. 

Click Photos Of The Accident

Take pictures of the crash site, the vehicle’s position at the time of the accident, weather, road and anything relevant to your case. Also, write down your version of what happened. Use your phone to click the pictures; for additional details, record the video, if possible. 

Get Information

Collecting the information of the witnesses and the bystanders is extremely crucial. These people will disperse afterward, and you will have no way to contact them later. Record the names of all other people involved in the collision, including the driver, injured person, and bystanders.

Get Medical Aid

Even if your injury is minor, do not ignore visiting the doctor. Many injuries do not show immediate symptoms. Please undergo a medical examination. If you fail to do this immediately, your insurance company will almost certainly claim that your injuries weren’t caused by this accident.

Do Not Fall Bait For Early Settlement Offers

After a catastrophic accident, you can feel emotionally overwhelmed. Once you agree to an early settlement offer, there is no way to reverse your decision.

Talk to a Uber Accident Lawyer

Talk to an Uber accident attorney. They have the expertise and knowledge to settle such cases and help you recover a high settlement amount. If necessary, they can file an Uber vehicle accident lawsuit. 

Responding To An Uber Incident

If you were a passenger in an Uber vehicle which crashed with another vehicle, here are our few tips for you.


You might not be prepared to hire an attorney for your case for several reasons. Even if you don’t intend to hire a lawyer, there is no harm in consulting one and making an appointment. You can obtain much information about the legal process and the next few steps to proceed with your case.

If you are injured in an accident caused by an Uber driver, you have the right to sue Uber’s insurance company. However, you usually cannot sue the company directly. There are certain exceptions. If you are unsure about the process, it is a good idea to seek legal advice.