9 Different Types Of Materials To Use For Your Roof

Roofing Material

The roof is the most important part of your home for different reasons. It offers protection to the members and helps keep the home safe from the harshest weather conditions. The roof can also boost the home’s value. But, there are various roof types of materials in the market, so knowing which one to select can get hard. 

Roofing Materials 

There are different types of roofing materials available in the market, some of them are discussed as follows. Reading this will help you get a clear understanding of which material will suit your needs:

1. Solar Tiles 

Not only installing a solar panel is a great idea for your roof, but, now you can even go for solar tile roofing. These tiles will help to save money as they absorb solar energy which can get converted to power. However, these tiles are really expensive and take a long time to get installed. They shouldn’t also be your first choice if you have shared areas with other homeowners. Apart from that, they are also fragile as compared to other roof materials in the market.

2. Asphalt Shingles 

Asphalt shingles are chosen by most homeowners in today’s time as they are affordable and easy to install. These roofs can last up to 30 years, but, if the asphalt granules are damaged, you will be required to replace the roof altogether. 

3. Metal Roofing 

There are different types of metal roofing which are not limited to stone-coated steel, and metal shakes and shingles. They are a great choice because of their long-lasting nature and even offer protection against the strong UV rays. 

Costs are different for each metal roofing, depending on the selected style. Additionally, metal roofs can protect the home from things such as water and fire, the damage can impact your roof and take away its beauty. 

4. Slate 

Slate has become no. 1 choice for most homeowners. The reason behind its popularity is that it’s durable and also adds beauty to your home. However, it is a heavy metal that every home can’t support. 

Alongside, they are expensive, and you will need a technician for installation. As there are different roofing companies in the market, you won’t face any challenges. But, the repairs of this roofing material is more difficult than other types. 

5. Clay Tiles 

Clay tiles are a natural roofing option, mainly made using earthen clay and molded and fired for better durability. It makes a good option for homes in hot climates which makes them one of the best choices for the southern coastal and desert regions. They are easy to maintain as they absorb less moisture. 

One of the things that don’t go in favor of these tiles is that they are expensive and can add a lot of weight to the structure of the home, thus causing more issues. They offer durability but also are incredibly fragile and can easily break. 

6. Concrete Tiles 

Concrete tiles are a durable option, similar to roofing materials such as slate, wood shingles, and asphalt. It is also cheaper than other options and can last around 50 years. But, they are not lightweight and can put stress on the home’s structure. Apart from that, they also require more maintenance. 

7. Rolled Roofing 

One of the roof materials that you might not hear much about includes rolled roofing. It is famous for low-sloped roofs, can get easily installed, and is also one of the cheapest roofing materials available in the market. 

Speaking of which, the rolled roofing doesn’t come in a lot of colors and you can find them in tan, gray, and only green options. It is durable and has a life span of 10 years. If the appearance of the roof is your priority, then this option is not for you. 

8. Wood Roofing 

Wood roofing is one of the best options in the market. They add to the beauty and help your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Along with this, this type of roofing is durable and energy efficient. 

The downside to this roofing is that it is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. If ignored, the roof can get damaged and become ineffective. 

9. Synthetic Composite Shingles 

Synthetic composite shingles are lightweight, durable, and even affordable. They offer the highest impact and are easily accessible. They come in a variety of styles, which include cedar shake, and even slate. The thing that makes them one of the options on this list is their maintenance-free and long-lasting durability.

The primary function of the roof is to offer you protection during any type of weather or different elements. But, every roofing material carries its unique features, so regardless of the many options, you should always research well to make the best choice. Consider the weather, the material’s durability, and most importantly the maintenance charges before you invest in one. 


Obviously, you want to select an option that offers the most protective care and also adds to your home’s appearance. You also don’t want to spend your life savings on the maintenance and repairs of your roof. So, consider every roofing material’s advantages and disadvantages and then choose accordingly.