Local Software Startup Resilia Secured $35 Million in Venture Capital Funding

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Resilia, the software startup founded by Sevetri Wilson, an LSU alum and native of the Baton Rouge area recently announced that it has secured a $35 million venture capital funding in its latest funding round.

Founded in 2016, Resilia which is a home-grown online platform has recorded a revenue growth of 300% annually and a rising net revenue retention of over 150%. A report from Forbes recognized this impressive record as it won

Since its founding in 2016, the home-grown online platform has seen over 300% annual revenue growth while growing net revenue retention by more than 150%, making Wilson, a 2013 Business Report Forty Under 40 honoree, one of the top-funded Black woman founders in tech, as reported by Forbes.

Reports from 2021 emerged that Black and Latina women founders accessed less than 1% of venture capital funding. The latest funds secured by Resilia is now the largest ever secured by a solo Black woman-founded tech company. It is also the largest ever secured by a female founder from Louisiana.

Daily Report confirmed that Wilson secured $8 million at a previous Series A round for Resilia at time when this was the highest ever secured by a female founded tech startup in Louisiana. This latest achievement takes Wilson’s record a notch higher.

As originally reported in (https://www.businessreport.com/business/local-software-startup-resilia-secures-35m-in-venture-capital-funding)