WorkForce Optimization still A Buzz with Pinata securing $10 Million Series A Funding


New York- based Pinata, a workforce-optimization service provider has secured $10 million in Series A funding in a round spearheaded by M13 and Bullpen Capital.

M13’s Rob Olson, and Bullpen Capital’s Ann Lai will be joining the Pinata’s Board of directors as part of the funding agreement. Other members of the board of directors include: Marc Ferrentino (COO of Yext), Mike Morini (CEO of Workforce Software), Aaron Rudenstine (CEO of ButterflyMX), and Josh Wand (CEO of ForceBrands who is also a cofounder at Pinata.

Pinata has revealed its plan to use the secured funds to facilitate product development and the expansion of its workflow solution efforts.

Pinata offers SaaS based systematic task management solutions for the optimization of compliance, efficiency and performance. Pinata’s customers leverages on its centralized command centre to organize daily operations at various centres such as warehouses, construction sites, retail stores, restaurants and trade shows.

Pinata is bringing digitization to the analogue world with its collaborative tools. These tools aggregates goal setting, reporting, event planning, financial tracking, staffing, and data analysis to attain accountability, process automation, and ROI measurability which are the distinguishing hallmarks of digital execution. The company is led by CEO Ian Ferguson.

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