Shannon Duffy, Founder & CRO, Tender Belly, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Shannon Duffy and Tender Belly:

    Shannon and Erik Duffy. Two crazy brothers who grew up in Iowa with a fanatical love for tasty pork. Once they began wearing big boy pants, they started asking themselves: Why is it so freakin’ hard to find really good bacon? Not good bacon, but really good bacon. And so they started meeting with local heritage breed pork farmers, trying out tons of unique dry rub recipes, and experimenting with different hardwood smoke techniques. Eventually, Tender Belly was born in 2010 with a singular mission: Bring happiness to hearts and bellies by crafting the most crazy tasty pork on planet earth. The team has grown some since those days, but our unwavering commitment to bringing you crazy tasty pork has only become stronger.

    Shannon and Erik Duffy grew up in Iowa. So their standards for pork are pretty high. They know the good stuff, and they knew how hard it was to find. And that’s how Tender Belly got started—a company devoted to making bacon that proves you can actually love bacon more than you already did.

    Their passion for doing things better now extends to all cuts of pork, and beyond. Certified Awesome. That’s what we call it. A pursuit of excellence in everything we sell. We set our standards high. And when something doesn’t rise up to meet them, it’s not good enough.