Julie Cielo, Founder and CEO, Ferm Fatale LLC, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Julie Cielo and Ferm Fatale LLC:

    Julie Cielo is more than just the fearless founder and CEO of Ferm Fatale. She is a driving force behind the fermented foods and Non-Alcoholic beverage movements.

    From growing up fermenting with her Italian immigrant grandfather in rural Pennsylvania, to having recovered from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Julie discovered two simple truths – That the gut is the source of our health, and that the good bacteria in our gut has the power to cure. With these truths at heart, Julie has not only created the world’s first wildly-fermented zero-proof cocktail, but has also helped countless others discover the benefits of Living Clean and Drinking Dirty.

    Julie is a frequent speaker at beverage and fermented foods events nationwide and is a founding member of the Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association. She is also a professional yoga therapist, transformational life coach, psychic medium, and host of the We Are the Soil podcast. Julie currently lives in Venice Beach, CA.

    Ferm Fatale is the world’s ONLY wildly fermented zero-proof cocktail in classic cocktail flavors–Sugar free and non-alcoholic gut-healthy alternatives. Ferm Fatale was birthed in 2015 on stage at BevNet Live Start-Up Beverage of the Year Showdown as the only pre-market competitor when the term ‘social beverage’ was introduced to the industry by Julie, helping forge a global movement around ‘alcohol alternative’ options. Julie was inspired after feeling ‘left out’ of the party in her 20’s when she couldn’t have alcohol which spurred the idea 15 yrs later. She pitched the idea to seed investors back in 2014 but it wasn’t until 2019 Ferm Fatale made it to the shelf at Erewhon Markets in LA, later launching DTC with www.fermfatale.com January 2020. As we all know a global pandemic happened shortly after, but Julie was invited back to the BevNet side stage again Winter 2021 in Santa Monica showcasing a secondary line of fermented tonic waters, talking about how starting a new category has come with it’s challenges, especially as a woman. Julie has now raised over a million dollars and took the company through a total rebrand recently, focusing on the core line, reformulating, and repackaging from glass to 8oz sleek cans. The brand relaunched Oct 1, 2022. Julie has been a big part of what is currently a $739M industry and the fastest growing segment of food & beverage in the world right now. As we all know, startups aren’t for wussies.

    We’re for following our gut. Not the crowd.

    And definitely not the little voice in our head that says we’re not enough.

    We’re for defying destiny, flirting with adventure, and daring to do it all. We’re for late night belly laughs and early morning sun salutations.

    We’re for living wildly-healthy lives fueled by wildy-healthy and diverse digestive systems. And we are passionate about strengthening them with the microbiome-cleansing bacteria and enzymes they need to help us seize the day, night, and every second in between.

    We are ferm believers in drinking life to the fullest, raising a glass to celebrate feel-good moments, and hanging without the hangovers.

    And if we happen to get a little wild and dirty in the process, all the better!

    Ready to leave the belly-aching behind? Then come take a walk on the wildly-fermented side.