These 5 Simple lucrative side hustles can help your net worth

side hustles

Over the years people have continued to make new discoveries and it is no longer a secret that you can grow your income from severely broke to comfortable just by the side hustles you choose to engage yourself in.

Side hustles ranging from drop shipping, affiliate marketing, CPT marketing, Amazon Publishing, product testing and the likes have helped people transform their lives, settle embarrassing debts and even launch business which today have a million dollar valuation.

This write up opens everyone up to some of these highly lucrative opportunities which you must understand are in demand side hustles which can transform you. To top it all up some of these side hustles can earn you up to $3000 every month if done diligently.

1. Selling unwanted Items

Most home owners over time collect lots of unwarted items in storage. These may range from old furniture to abandoned appliances but one thing is certain sooner or later we tend to practice “out with the old, in with the new” philosophy. Instead of allowing such items to take up space in the house, you can dispose them on platforms like eBay and OfferUp for decent pay. The best part is that you can make a profession out of this by doing it for others for a commission. How hard should it be to help your neighbors get rid of their unwanted home items.

2. Trading stock photos

This is particularly a green field for those who love photography or collect great photos. Do you realize you can earn good money posting these photos on stock photo platforms? Photography is a broad “culture” and these photos can be of anything from the regular photos you have saved up on your phone to the scenic travel photos or photos appreciate nature.

There is a ready market for your photos as online marketers, and bloggers alike are constantly searching for the right copyright free photo to graphically express the contents on their website.

You will find platforms like Depositphotos and Shutterstock always willing to grow their portfolio with the appropriate free images and this is a massive opportunity for even an amateur photographer. Distinctiveness, quality and quantity of photos is however the deciding factor for how much you can earn from these platforms but this may range from $100 to $500 a month.

3. Babysitting & pet-sitting

This is a highly competitive side hustle for obvious reasons. However by building a good reputation getting decent reviews and referrals from your client base will guarantee you never run out of work. Whether you rely on online or offline platforms ensure you maintain an upstanding reputation to secure loyal clients and regular referrals. Babysitters and pet-sitters may earn up to $20 per hour and $18 per hour respectively.

4. Product testing and research studies

Lots of people are still yet to realize that they can get paid for their view and opinions. Market research companies dealing in consumer goods are constantly seeking for users to carry out product testing, surveys to understand the opinion of customers and improve products and customer experience.

This side hustle can generate anywhere from $10 to $500 based on consistency. There are also lots of sites such as Survey Junkie offering up to $150 an hour to its participants through paid focus groups.

5. Transcription

A decent typist could earn from $20 per hour for transcription of audio. These pricing ultimately increases for the more advanced disciplines such as medicine and law where professional experience counts.

There are lots of online platforms regularly hiring transcribers such TranscribeMe, Speakwrite etc. These platforms offer transcriptionist opportunities to transcribe at their own pace. Workers on a platform like Speakwrite can make as much as $3000 a month based on the level and volume of work done.

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