Dante White, CEO, Oppuous, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Dante White and Oppuous:

    Highly driven, results-oriented, and high-revenue-producing professional with 7+ years’ sales and marketing experience and a passion for driving business objectives through understanding, maintaining, and cultivating relationships. Strong and successful communicator, thought leader, and evangelist in the tech space with a knack for leveraging social media to spread personal and professional brand awareness and build relationships. Currently holds position as VP of Education at local Toastmaster’s International chapter in support of improving public speaking and communications skills. Always meets and exceeds commission-based sales goals, quotas, and expectations while consistently delivering revenue-generating, high-impact results.

    I became an entrepreneur in part due to my humble beginnings as a minority growing up in a military home. I went through the traditional means of putting myself through college with student loans, odd jobs, and late nights studying. I was successful in any position I took and “climbed the corporate ladder.” In 2013, I became a father and realized on the day I held my son in my arms; that my life was no longer my own and everything I did had to be for him. While I made many incredible connections, learned so much, became a public speaker, interviewed by magazines, and gained invaluable experience in the Tech space; I yearned for more. I became an entrepreneur to build generational wealth for my son, invest in myself and my community, and follow my passion. The Pasion was that I can do good while doing great, we can create something larger than ourselves, we can create opportunities for each and every person on this earth; because after all: An opportunity for you, is an opportunity for us.”​Join Oppuous in our movement.

    Oppuous started off as a question, an idea, a thought, a wish, and ultimately a movement. Too many times we’re told “you can’t do this”, “you’ll never make it”, or “that’s dumb”, etc. Oppuous believes that everyone should have an opportunity to reach their dreams and everyone has value. As such, Oppuous does its best to give back to the community by employing Veterans, the homeless, single parents, and the generally disenfranchised. We give back to the community because WE ARE THE COMMUNITY. I want to build a better world for my son and OUR WORLD. For too long capitalism has taken everything and given nothing.

    Oppuous was created for business owners small and large who are dissatisfied with having to buy software, hardware, and tech support services from multiple places, manage multiple contracts, and have purchased the wrong solutions. Oppuous is a one stop marketplace (like Amazon) for business tech solutions. Additionally we have nationwide engineering and cloud specialists to advise clients along the way. Oppuous provides on average 15% savings on solutions on average and hundreds of hours of saved time a year. Unlike buying all your solutions from every individual company. Oppuous makes buying technology simple, stress free, and efficient. You can even keep your existing relationships with the software manufacturers, we just add better customer service AND typically better pricing (even on existing installs).