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Andy “Jake” Jacob, CEO, DotCom Magazine

Interview Fee $195.00. DotCom Magazine has no advertisements and is a US based company. Read The Testimonials Below!

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  • DotCom Magazine work and exposure has made a significant difference in our business. We have seen a 300% increase in quote requests online which has been pretty remarkable! Andy has been great, always staying in touch to let us know the exposure and views of our article and name. I highly recommend them! Esteban Kadamani Managing Director, Infinite Windows, an Inc 500 Company
  • “Within one month of my interview being published on DotCom Magazine, I closed a Series A round! Definitely helped. Amazing SEO coverage and the best marketing dollar I have spent by far.” Ron Laikind, CEO, ExtremeMist, Voted hottest new outdoor hiking product.
  • “DotCom Magazine Rocks! I really enjoyed my interview with DotCom Magazine. Great exposure!.” Alex Mellon, CEO, Smartsites, an Inc 500 Company
  • “I really love my interview with DotCom Magazine. Amazing coverage. Thanks!” Barbara Wayman, CEO, BlueTree Media, an Inc 500 Company.
  • “Working with DotCom Magazine was great – the team, staff and ease of communication was fantastic!” Jacob Cline, CEO, Chicago Marketing. An Inc. 500 Company
  • “The people at DotCom Magazine were fantastic to work with!” David Gomez, CEO, Clean Energy Solutions. An Inc. 500 Company
  • “DotCom Magazine delivered as promised! Thanks!” Samuel Garrison, CEO, AutoSource Autos, An Inc 500 Company
  • “My DotCom Magazine interview was the best thing I’ve done for PR years. Thanks Andy!”Justin Blair, CEO, Friday Night Fights
  • “DotCom Magazine has brought several of my clients great exposure. CEO Andy Jacob is professional, easy to work with, and always on the lookout for a compelling story.” Caitlin Copple Masingill, Founder, FullSwing Public Relations
  • “It was a pleasure working with Mr. Jacob and DotCom Magazine. They are an excellent source for inspiring stories on real-life entrepreneurs and other professionals. They are a very accommodating publication.” Raj Tut, Principal, Gateway
  • “I was completely flattered to be offered the opportunity of being featured in DotCom Magazine. The process was smooth from start to finish and everyone was great to work with.” Adam Van Deusen, Founder, Zealth Digital
  • “I loved being interviewed by DotCom. It felt simple and effortless, like talking to a friend. The answers made me think a lot about who I am as a business owner, and how I want to impact the world around me with my company. I truly appreciated it.” – Sean Patrick Hopwood, CEO of Day Translations
  • “Dot Com magazine was a pleasure to work with. Philip Tadros, CEO, Doejo
  • “I really enjoyed the deep questions DotCom presented, made me really sit back and think about how I approach things.  I really enjoyed the experience” David Mcgraw, CEO Oyova Software
  • “Great experience working with DotCom magazine on our latest interview. Super quick and easy, conversation flowed so smoothly and was published very quickly. We’ve received a lot of interaction from the interview and look forward to doing it again in the future.” Blake George, BMG Media
  • “I appreciated the creative business and leadership questions that the Dotcom team posed, which dug deeper than some other interviews have and helped to articulate my unconventional yet rewarding entrepreneurial journey.” Scott Selzer, CEO of StruXure Outdoor
  • “Thank you DotCom Magazine for seeking me out to publish my interview.  This was a fun process and allowed me some thoughtful moments to reflect on my business/staff and to enjoy rediscovering what we have accomplished to date.” Cindy Koebele, CEO
  • “What a pleasure it was to be interviewed for DotCom Magazine! The process was easy and they helped with every question so I felt great about the results! Robin Davis, CEO Of EyeBenders
  • “DotCom Magazine was super easy to work with. They published an awesome article about my company on their website!” Blake Marcher, Owner & President Marcher Internet Marketing
  • “In all my years being in business, I have never felt so extremely gratified to open up and talk about the many roles one plays being in a position of a CEO, moreover, to have to offer advise to the younger generation being a leader running a business is an honor for me. If it wasn’t for Dotcom magazine, I feel that this energy and advise to the youth of today would be lost. The future is empowered by the youth of today moving forward. Thank you DotCom Magazine and I really appreciate your value offering this insight to your readers.” Stephen E. Lawrence, President,CEO, The San Francisco Broker’s Club,LLC.
  • “Andrew and his team really care about the entrepreneurial experience, and they’ve put together a collection for the bold founders out there building their startup empires. Getting featured in their magazine was an honor!” Peter Kozodoy, CEO of Stradeso and Partner at GEM Advertising
  • “DotCom Magazine reached out to me for an online interview. Aside from being flattered, I love doing it. They asked thoughtful questions in a way that really made me think and evaluate how I view my company and my role. DotCom Magazine was super supportive during the editing process and was quick to make edits on some typos during the publishing phase. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is thinking about contributing.”Don Bora, Co-Founder and Technology Principal
  • “Andy and his team were professional and wonderful to work with. The custom questionnaire was easy to fill out and the process very smooth from start to finish!” Stefanie Curtis, CEO Of Pace Creative Group
  • #The interview process with DotCom magazine was super easy. I thought the questions were solid, and the resulting interview got a lot of traction and attention when published. Thanks!” Jeff Archibald, CEO, Paperleaf
  • “DotComMagazine provided us with a great experience during our interview!. The way the handled the questions was very professional. It was fun, simple and we really enjoyed it”. Paola Dalman, Studio Managers at Filez
  • “This was the most “real” interview I’ve done.  Great questions and DotCom is so easy going.”  Mahalo! Panna Speas Cappelli, CEO Of Maui Hands
  • “Working with DotCom was about as easy as it gets! Their friendly staff contacted us for an interview, made it easy to submit our responses, and produced an impressive article with the content. We appreciated having the opportunity to share about entrepreneurship and were excited to promote the article on our social media pages!” James A. Trumbly, Founder, HMG Creative
  • “Had a great time working with DotCom Magazine! Their team is really easy to work with and communicates well. Can’t wait to collaborate with them again soon.” Kyle Goguen, Founder of Pawstruck
  • Andy thank you and the whole DotCom Magazine team for the interview. I appreciate your patience, you were so clear and easy to work with. The reception to the interview has been fabulous.” Dave Benton Founder & Creative Director, Metajive
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  • “The Interview for DotCom Magazine was a very pleasant and at the same time challenging (in a positive way) experience. The contact with the journalist was very quick and efficient and the interesting questions have allowed for a moment of deep thought, which we often do not have time in everyday work.”Dawid Skinder, CEO of Challenge Studio
  • “The process was really easy and interesting. I’ve shared the post in Facebook and LinkedIn, everyone liked it.” Nor Newman, CEO Of Movadex
  • “DotCom Magazine asked some interesting questions. They are clearly very engaged with the online community. They were very helpful throughout the entire process and they have a direct and intelligent approach which is what you would expect from great journalism.” Andrew Cox, Creative Director & Founder, Web Design London
  • I was surprised to know that there is a special magazine that cares of the start-ups and their stories. And even shares them with other people! DotCom Magazine team is super easy to communicate with and really helpful. Thank you so much, you’re doing great things!” Aleksandr Lanin, CEO Of Bloomy Lab
  • “It was such a pleasure speaking with DotCom Magazine! I thoroughly enjoyed my time answering their incredibly reflective and unique questions.” Dionna Dorsey, CEO of Dionna Dorsey
  • “The DotCom Magazine team is top notch and easy to work with. They are responsive, insightful and bring a lot of value to the space.” Scott Smith, CEO, Launch Leads
  • “What a great experience with the DotCom Magazine team. The questions were thoughtful and practical, and I had the chance to tweak/amend my answers after the fact. Since the article was published I’ve had a number of positive comments from clients, peers, and friends. Thanks for inviting me to contribute, guys!” Gee Ranasinha, CEO of KEXINO
  • “Thank you to Andy, CEO of DotCom, for providing an opportunity to feature Silverwood Studios on their website. His communication before, during and after was quick and attentive making the whole process easy and enjoyable. Judie Schechter, Owner, Silverwood Studios
  • “DotCom magazine was a great way for us to share our story with their audience online. They asked great questions and the process was quick and easy from initial contact to publication.” William Loopesko, CEO Of PuppTech
  • The interview from DotCom Magazine was interesting because it makes you self reflect on yourself and your organization. I had a fun time answering the questions from the speed round as well because of the simplicity of the answers. It’s difficult to answer questions in less than 3 words but really makes you dig down and think. Garett Kittredge, CEO, Ruffstuff
  • The interview with BullionStar CEO, Mr. Torgny Persson, gave BullionStar and its unique company philosophy targeted exposure towards a high end market segment. Completing the interview process was straightforward and hassle free. Torgny Persson, CEO Of BullionStar
  • “My DotCom interview was a great opportunity to express my feelings and position on a number on issues that never get asked, I hope my answers and positions can help of business owners, Andy has a great platform to carry out a good business message, was a great experience, highly recommend it.” Kevin McGrath, CEO Of The Original Toy Company